Outmate Outreach(C)
T R A I N I N G    I N S T I T U T E
"Training Peacemakers for Kingdom Service"
The Mission Field
Is All Around Us
Who else but an inmate can better make a difference in the lives of fellow inmates?  Outmate Outreach Training
Institute actively seeks out dedicated Christians behind bars, with extended sentences, that are looking to make
a difference in their "community" by reaching out to others.

OUTMATE OUTREACH trains selected individuals to be certified as "Peacemakers", serving as a voice of
reason in time of disruption, a beacon of light in the perennial sea of darkness, and the resource for spiritual
guidance for those looking for a "better way" of coping with their time of incarceration.

All participants receive "Peacemaker" training, which utilizes the award-winning
"Champion's Choice - Steps to
" text and course work.   There is no cost involved for the inmate.  Upon completion of all course work
and assessments, each participant is presented a certificate of completion and is listed in all Outmate Outreach
media as being one of the "Certified Peacemakers" and an integral part of the ministry.  
What is a Peacemaker?
There continues to be an on-going need for faith-based life coaching in the private and public sectors.  Real
world life issues constantly place, even the best families, in a constant state of stress.  The erosion of the family
unit is rapidly destroying the fabric of America.  Christian oriented intervention has long been proven to be the
only viable and lasting solution.  But unfortunately, church pastors are not trained to be professional therapists.  
Professional counselors charge fair rates for their services but even then, they are priced out of the range for the
average person.  Few college or university programs provide a faith-based curriculum and even then, the tuition
is extremely high.  So the
need is great but the solutions are few.

Outmate Outreach is meeting that need with the "Peacemaker Certification" program.  Utilizing the
"Champion's Choice - Steps to Greatness" text and course work, the program actively trains
Christians to serve as community/church life coaches or volunteer chaplains.  Individual units of instruction are
mailed to participants, who return self-assessment forms before receiving their next unit.  There are no tests in
that mastery of the material is the focus rather than grades.

"Peacemaker" training utilizes a time-proven formula to provide instruction in decision making and is based on
Romans 12:2 that deals with "being transformed through the renewing of the mind."   With so many of life's
problems caused by poor choices, a Biblical understanding of the working of the mind and effective decision
making techniques comes to the forefront in addressing problem areas in the home, in work and in the
community.  The training program has been effectively used for over 20 years in the correctional arena and is
utilized by private companies and education institutions as a much used training resource.  It is now being
introduced, for the first time, to the general public.

Upon completion of the program, each graduate receives a certificate of completion, letters of recognition to mail
out as desired, copies of news releases for local media, and opportunity for listing on the Outmate Outreach
website.  Current graduates are utilizing their talents in a variety of areas, from private practice as a life coach to
institutional training.  The program asks for a small donation for enrollment to cover costs of printing, handling
and mailing.  Program graduates have opportunities for additional training and to mentor new students as
Adjunct Instructors
.   Application for the program and additional information may be requested by making
contact through the email address listed below.
For Information, Contact:

Dr. Stephen E. LaFleur
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