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Texas inmate families meet monthly, around the state, in 15 chapters.  As a volunteer chaplain, you will attend
monthly meetings to offer emotional and spiritual guidance for family members of incarcerated inmates.  We
honor any relationship they may have with their home denomination, however, if the family has no commitment
toward a particular group, volunteers have the opportunity to steer them toward their denomination.

Husband and wife teams are strongly recommended for this position and should have full endorsement of their
home church. Training is required before assignment to an area chapter.  
Participating churches function as members of a state-wide network to provide financial, emotional and spiritual
support to inmate families in their locale.  Inmate requesting assistance for their families are directed to the
church that is closest to their family, with first choice being their home denomination.  Should no resources be
available, the referral will be to the closest in the vicinity.  How the church responds (financially or otherwise) is at
their discretion as OOPM only provides guidance.  Training for church participants is required.
Several prison units have faith based life coaches that have been licensed and certified.  They are currently
teaching other inmates in an informal setting, waiting for official clearance for fully sanctioned classes.  This
process requires an outside volunteer to serve as sponsor for weekly training sessions.  The facilitator must be
approved by the state's volunteer program and abide by all current state regulations, plus must have a working
knowledge of the faith-based curriculum.  There is no cost involved in this process.  
Part time ministry opportunities are available for dedicated Christians who would like to be a part of the OOPM
ministry team.  The position involves contacting area churches, explaining the ministry, helping train the church
in whatever aspect of prison ministry they pursue and facilitating the ministry network of church resources.  

Ideally, the Area Rep must have excellent speaking and organizational skills as he will work with a variety of
faiths in his geographical area of the state.  Positions are needed in major metropolitan areas:  DFW, Houston,
San Antonio, Austin/Central Texas.  Compensation is based on a sliding scale of contributions received and are
designated as expense allowance rather than salary.