NLCR is committed to faith-based life coaching, setting a standard of service for novice life coaches with little
or no formal training as well as the seasoned professional in the industry.  As a national licensing entity for the
life  coach industry, we set the standard for professionalism and integrity.  After licensing as a Certified
Community Life Coach, NLCR has membership opportunities in three distinct categories, based on education and

NLCR - Fellow
       Licensed professionals include psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, licensed counselors,
       and others who have advanced graduate training in one of the mental health professions

NLCR - Diplomat
      Religious leaders include pastors, youth leaders, missionaries, pastoral counselors, Christian
      educators, and others with theological and/or counseling training

NLCR - Member
      Members of parachurch organizations, spouses of professionals or religious leaders, and others
      who have been trained by an approved Life Coach training program
National  Life  Coach  Registry(c)
Setting the Standard for Professionalism and Integrity
About NLCR
Advisory Board

In making application for one of the following membership categories, I attest to meeting the qualifications
stipulated above and am submitting the accompanying
application form, along with the suggested donation.

Within five business days, your membership certificate will be mailed to the address submitted on the application.
  (Proceeds from the National Life Coach Registry are donated to the Outmate Outreach Training Institute for free faith-based life coach training to inmates)  
Educational Opportunities
Membership Benefits
Right to use NLCR Logo
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NCLR Fellow - $99
Two Year Membership
NCLR Member- $59
Two Year Membership
NCLR Diplomat - $79
    Two Year Membership

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