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CCTI is a ministry of Outmate Outreach, a non-profit ministry registered in the State of Texas.
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Dr. Stephen E. LaFleur
Founder/ Author
Copyright 2005
All Rights Reserved
Background for Ministry
At 6'6" and 280 pounds, he is big, bold and sometimes brash, but you always
know where you are with him.   Doc LaFleur has a diverse background as a
pastor, as a successful entrepreneur, as a corporate trainer, as a management
consultant for some of America's leading companies and government
agencies, as a vibrant and alive motivational speaker, and an award winning
author.  He is uniquely qualified to minister to church families, pastors and
staff, all walks of life.  He is widely recognized as one of the country's leading
authorities on the history of the Jewish people.  As a professional
psychotherapist, he received national recognition for his ground-breaking work
in the field of attachment theory.

Raised in a military family from roots in Louisiana, he fought off all traditional
stereotypes of rural, humble origins to become educated in some of our
country's finest institutions of learning, making his way through both
undergraduate and graduate level programs while working 40-60 hours a
week.  He received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business from LeTourneau
University, a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling from Liberty University and a
Doctorate in Theology Degree (Summa Cum Laude) from the Louisiana based
Slidell Theological Seminary.

He was licensed and ordained at First Baptist Church in Kilgore, Texas, and as
a pastor, served in various positions in Texas, Louisiana, and Arizona.  Dr.
LaFleur is a father to three biological children and two  foster children and is
grandfather to three biological and three foster grandchildren.  In addition to the
Champion's Choice series, he is an author of several novels and screenplays,
with more in the works.  He is professional member of the
Association of Christian Counselors and the National Life Coach Registry.
The First Three of the
Champion's Choice
Training Series
Dr. Stephen E. LaFleur
210-708-1543 TX
602-512-1040 AZ
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