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CCTI is a ministry of Outmate Outreach, a non-profit ministry registered in the State of Texas.
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Peacemaker Certification
Learn the copyrighted life coaching system and
discover how you can apply it to your life for better
decision making.  Basic Program Online.  Study in the
privacy of your home.  No tests or documentation.
Diploma provided on completion of program.
Certified Community Life Coach
Train in the privacy of your home or at a local seminar.  Learn
the basic life coaching system and how you can apply it to
your life and in the lives of others..  Each of the 8 units has a
self assessment with workbook.  The training manual prepares
you for the supervised internship, followed by the national
licensing exam.  All included in the program cost.  Private
Practice startup assistance is also available.   The
Community Life Coach
" (CCLC) is awarded on completion.     
Certified Community Life Coach - Master Instructor
Training preparation for the CCLC as a Master Instructor to teach
others and award credentials to graduates as well as share in the
marketing of Champions Choice training materials, books, etc...  
The "
Certified Community Life Coach - Master Instructor"
(CCLC-MI ) is awarded on the completion of training.    
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Certified Community Life Coach
Train to Become A
Champion's Choice
Training Institute