"a global initiative for health, education and the environment"
Our mission is to plant seeds of hope by providing quality resources to
international para-church and educational ministries, utilizing our
creative and entrepreneurial skills in generating goods and services to
meet on-going needs, keeping in mind that our world is a fragile
environment and with limited physical resources, astute recycling is not
only needed, but mandated.
Copyright 2014
All Rights Reserved
(Genbrudge is the Danish word for "recycle")
Genbrudge owns the design and proprietary rights to an  enviro-centric
rocker for oversize people constructed out of all natural products by old
world craftsmen and a state-of-the-art student desk/chair set
constructed out of heavy duty molded recycled plastic.   Genbrudge has
a marketing and distribution arrangement with 3B Chair Company as the
exclusive provider in both markets.  For providing the proprietary
designs and the proprietary molds, Genbrudge will receive two
student/desk sets for every oversize rocker marketed by 3B Chair
Company.  These sets will be provided for humanitarian and charitable
purposes to worthwhile non-profit organizations operating in Third
World countries, at no charge.  Qualifying parties should make
application for participation rights to:  Genbrudge@WebsitesUSA.org.
Whereas Genbrudge has no staff, overhead or indebtedness, 100% of all
institutional and charitable funding provides for furniture molds and the
initial production runs.   Genbrudge is a not-for-profit corporation,
domiciled and registered in the State of Texas and has made application
with the Internal Revenue Service of 501 (c)3 status.
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